Create and Sell Your First Online Course: A Guide for Three Principles Coaches

Expand Your Reach, Expand Your Impact, Expand Your Income | taught by Mary Schiller
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Mary Schiller
Mary Schiller
Author & Chief Permission Granter

About the instructor

Mary is the author of several books, including How to #PriceLikeAGirl, The Joy Formula, Mind Yoga, A-ha! and You Have Permission -- all available on Amazon worldwide. Her goal is simple: to help people live happier, more creative and effortlessly successful lives. Recently, she has begun helping women entrepreneurs, coaches and creative professionals price their offerings with more power and conviction.

A native Californian, Mary now lives in Paris, France. She has a wonderful husband and daughter, plus two adorable cats. Find her and

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Have you been wanting to create an online course, but the whole process seems totally overwhelming -- and you don't know where to start?

Create and Sell Your First Online Course makes it easy to put together a simple, yet impactful, course that your audience will value. We're not talking about the be-all, end-all course. We're creating something that's fun for you to do and helps someone who needs what you have to teach.

What you'll learn here is a starting point. A way to achieve liftoff if you've felt stuck in neutral when it comes to creating and selling your first online course.

Everyone has an idea about what an "online course" is supposed to look like. But there are no rules as to what you can do. What you'll find here are suggestions for finding a topic, organizing your material and focusing on a result for your audience, and then delivering it with ease in a beautifully packaged form.

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Have your topic, focused on a specific result
  • Have an easy way to organize your course material (this can seem really overwhelming, otherwise)
  • Know several simple ways to create and deliver your course, so you can choose the method that seems the easiest and most fun for you, as well as most beneficial for your audience
  • Have some concrete ideas as to how to price your course
  • Understand what's most important when it comes to selling your online course
  • Have learned some easy technology tricks that will come in handy now and later on, too

Whatever you deliver personally as a coach can be delivered in an online course.

Let's get your course created and out into the world.

Please note: This course will not teach you how to put a course on Udemy or other, similar platform.

Instead, it is about designing and selling a course yourself, via a platform such as this one (Thinkific), by email or even more simply, through a series of blog posts. It will also show you how to deliver an online course without a website at all. And guess what? You can totally do this!

Take a look at the curriculum, below. I'm here to support you, and I'll update this course based on the feedback you provide, too!

Course Contents

22 Videos
1 Survey
8 Texts
1 Audio

Course Curriculum